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New Technologies

Perchloroethylene (PERC) is the most widely used dry cleaning agent but it is a potential carcinogen as classified by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). For this reason, dry cleaners in California are slowly converting into new technologies and other alternatives to dry cleaning . Listed below are the performance of the different cleaning methods available nowadays with their advantages and disadvantages.

Cleaning Performance of PERC and Alternative Technologies

Cleaning Method Cleaning Capability Advantages Diadvantages
PERC Aggressive Process easy to use Not recommended for delicates
Hydrocarbon Gentle Can clean delicates;
In-kind technology
longer cycle time
Green Earth Gentle Can clean delicates;
In-kind technology
longer cycle time
Wet Cleaning Aggressive Can clean delicates Finishing more difficult;
Not in-kind technology
Icy Water Aggressive Can clean delicates;
May not need tensioning equipments
Longer drying cycle;
Not in-kind technology
Green Jet Gentle Can clean delicates;
less finishing
Doesn't clean well;
Not in-kind technology
Carbon Dioxide Gentle Good hand Detergent issues, problems with acetate;
Expensive equipment;
Not in-kind technology

For more details, please check out this link: http://www.wrppn.org/irta/Emerging_Technologies_Textile_%20Clea.pdf